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What’s up?


So it’s been more than a year since there’s been a new post on this blog.. I hope all of the readers are doing fine.

I know most bloggers are either on a break or have left blogging for good, which I think is a shame. I think blogging is amazing, but I get that as you get older, it’s extremely hard to find time to post.

So at this point, I am left with 9 blogs where only 3 of them are active. Yes. I have 9 blogs. God help my dumb soul. I don’t expect to be posting here soon, but check out my active blogs if you ever wanna talk to me or read some of my dumb stuff:

Yeah, I hope everything’s going well for you and see you around!

Lots of love,


…return? + rant

Hi…I’m back (?)

Sorry if you don’t like me even I don’t like me

Anyways, recently I started missing wp and tbh I kinda want to make a new blog….

But I don’t know what it should be about?

Like if I had to make a decision rn it’d probably be about art and that’s literally what I’m already doing everywhere else and I’d rather not it’s too repetitive and boring

I don’t mind posting art if there’s also another element to my blog but I just?????

and I need to think of a url too….

Should I even come back? Unless someone is fine with me leeching off their blog aha–

The rest is just a rant so you can stop reading if you want

Recently I’ve been extremely addicted to Tokyo Ghoul and it’s been like that for a while but it’s so annoying because it honestly has messed me up in ways I couldn’t have imagined but yes I really like it and stuff so if any of you like tk tALK TO ME I WOULD LOVE TO CRY TO YOU

School has also been really stressful lately but well what’s different more screaming crying and pulling out hair nothing much hm…

Speaking of school, I finally decided to become a life sciences major in university…Although it’s still far off, I need to start prepping the courses I take now and stuff but–
I also have to give up art and personally I find that kinda sad like-
I’ve been taking art my whole life and suddenly I’m abandoning it???? I never expected myself to get a nice job in the arts field but leaving it still makes me have some regrets….like not just anime (it would be easier to give up anime for me science i’ve only been drawing anime for like 3 years) but still wow I just learned to paint nice acrylic and watercolour and other stuff and now I give up I just feel really bad about it…

Other than that I’ve improved a lot in digitals and I really don’t wanna shove art in more people’s faces than necessary so that’s all I have to say other than I’m happy I’ve improved :’      )

Sadly the more I improve the more I realize how far I am to having nice art ouch

I want to brew coffee and tea with my tears

That is all!!! I thank anyone that has actually read through my entire rant sorry for being annoying

Connecting The Dots

hello there! it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by here like many of the other bloggers.

anyway, i just wanted to let you all know of my new lifestyle blog connecting the dots.

HERE is the link for you to view my lovelies! 

just keep flying,

shivi 💚

New Blog

Hey Everyone!

So so so so so so so sorry for not posting here since like forever. I’ve just been so busy.

Christmas is coming near. Aka my birthday. 😀

Now, if you don’t know: My birthday is on Christmas. Yes I was born on December 25th. Cool, no?

And I want to know all of your guy’s favorite Christmas themed books. Preferably novels, but any types will be good.


Some of you may not that I created ANOTHER blog called: Witty Book Reviews.   And I am planning to make a Christmas Special Post in which I will list awesome sauce Christmas books suggestions for children, teen’s, and adults.

I will credit you for the suggestions also. 😀

So if you know any Christmas books that would be suitable for

  1. Children’s
  2. Teen’s
  3. Adults
  4. Everyone

then please include the title and author’s name (if possible) in the comment section below. Thank you! 😀

Christmas trees

I’m honestly have nothing better to say so I’m going to talk about Christmas trees. I prefer real Christmas trees over fake ones because even if they make a mess, it makes your house/apartment smell like Christmas. It’s also fun to go and get one. My family is getting our Christmas tree tomorrow! I have a small fake one in my room because it wouldn’t fit in my room.